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Congratulations to Loughran McCabe, Virginia SWCD 2022 photo contest honorable mentions winner! 

Agricultural BMP Cost-Share Program News

During program year 2022, the Natural Bridge SWCD completed 40 Best Management Practices. A total of $674,405.58 was paid to producers for these BMPs and $10,379 was issued in Tax Credits. Within these totals:

7 Stream Bank Exclusion projects protected 3.4 miles of stream bank and were paid $450,128.

2 Continuing Conservation Initiative (CCI) sign-ups ensured continued protection of an additional 1,823' of stream bank. 

29 Cover Crop BMPs involving 1,799 acres were completed and paid $66,757.

In addition, $988,956.64 has been obligated to approved practices and will be carried over into cost-share program year 2023.

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