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by: Tom Stanley, Extension Agent
September 28, 2022



The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is offering an opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted pesticides at no charge. The collection of these products will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022 from 9am to 1pm at the agriculture chemical and fertilizer handling facility at 33 Yellow Rail Lane, Lexington (on Rt. 11 north of Lexington across from the Lee-Hi Truck Stop).

This program is for the disposal of unwanted and outdated pesticides currently stored by agricultural producers, licensed pesticide businesses, certified applicators, golf courses, and homeowners. Acceptable products include agricultural pesticides, commercial pesticides, homeowner pesticides, "weed and feed" lawn care products, and diluted pesticide solutions. 

The October 13 event is NOT a traditional hazardous waste disposal, it is focused specifically on pesticides. Medical waste, radioactive waste, ammunition, tires, biological waste, paint, petroleum products, fertilizer, and batteries will NOT be accepted. 

People who have pesticide product they wish to dispose of should contact Tom Stanley through the Rockbridge Extension office at 540-463-4734. For people that have more than 3 gallons or 25-pounds of product, it is especially important to contact Tom Stanley in advance by Friday October 7. Again, the collection day will be Thursday, October 13, from 9am-1pm. Other hazardous wastes can be disposed of at the Rockbridge County hazardous waste disposal day.

Rockbridge County will hold a hazardous waste disposal day on Saturday October 15, from 8am-Noon, at Maury River Middle School. They will accept household pesticides and household herbicides, antifreeze, household products containing mercury, fuels, solvents, oil, sealants, cleaners and bleaches. The county hazardous waste day can accept lithium and nickel-cadmium batteries, but the connection points must be covered with tape (without tape, they present a fire hazard in transport). Rockbridge County's hazardous waste collection October 15 cannot accept fluorescent bulbs, propane tanks, tires, alkaline batteries, or latex paint. Light bulbs and tires can be taken directly to the Blue Ridge Resource Authority landfill collection center at 225 Landfill Road, Buena Vista. For more information on the Rockbridge Hazardous Waste Disposal, contact Daniel Miear at (540) 463-3154.


Congratulations to Loughran McCabe, Virginia SWCD 2022 photo contest honorable mentions winner! 

Agricultural BMP Cost-Share Program News

During program year 2022, the Natural Bridge SWCD completed 40 Best Management Practices. A total of $674,405.58 was paid to producers for these BMPs and $10,379 was issued in Tax Credits. Within these totals:

7 Stream Bank Exclusion projects protected 3.4 miles of stream bank and were paid $450,128.

2 Continuing Conservation Initiative (CCI) sign-ups ensured continued protection of an additional 1,823' of stream bank. 

29 Cover Crop BMPs involving 1,799 acres were completed and paid $66,757.

In addition, $988,956.64 has been obligated to approved practices and will be carried over into cost-share program year 2023.

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